Why Chiropractic?

Everyone wants their body to move like a high performance luxury car. At BMW we believe your body may be asking you to take a few “pit stops” to make this a reality, but how does chiropractic medicine really work?

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Eliminating Pain

When joints get stuck, your nerve that flows through that joint no longer communicates with your brain. Essentially, the pain that is caused by your limited range of motion drowns out the conversation between that particular joint and your brain.

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Massage Therapy

Massage not only treats muscles, but it decreases the stress caused by pain. If there is a stress component to an injury, or if stress is present in someone’s life, massage not only can take the edge off, but help a chiropractic adjustment last longer.

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Meet Dr. Crooker

Dr. Crooker has treated both Wall Street investors and Broadway performers. Read about his purpose, his story and why he is happy to call Philadelphia his home.

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